25 Dreamy Laundry Rooms


Let's face it. Doing laundry is not the favorite thing to do. Unless you have this folding thing that Sheldon from the Big Bang theory has, and then it's a little bit more fun, but it's still not something you beg to do. Well, I could be wrong again. I found 25 amazing laundry rooms that can change your mind about tedious chores and can even make you want to spend time in the laundry room. Crazy, I know. But once you see the rooms, you can agree with me. Here are some amazing ideas on how to decorate your laundry room and ideas for those who plan their next laundry room (like me!) ...

What was your favorite laundry room? What is a feature you want your laundry room had? The only feature of my dream is to have natural light. I like that our laundry room is right next to our kitchen (it forces me to stay on top of our laundry ....) Kinda.) But it does not have windows. I'd love a laundry room with a dream light. What do you want?