26 Awesome Bathroom Ideas


Keep these design tips and ideas in mind as you plan your dream bathroom.

1. Think function First: Your new bathroom must be fully functional.

2. Space Map: Plumbing issues will have an impact where you locate your bathtub, toilet and shower.

3. Choose a pattern: what kind of ambience do you want in your bathroom?

4. Know your materials: When choosing materials for your bathroom, be sure to understand the inherent qualities and pitfalls of each material.

5. Take care of the lighting: Choosing the proper lighting is crucial in bathrooms where mirrors and atmosphere are important. Think about the right lighting task for the shower areas and sinks too.

6. Don't forget the mother Nature: try to include plants and other foliage in your new bathroom. The asymmetrical properties of the things that grow will help to compensate for the different fractal properties of the bathroom.

7. Make it relaxing: the bathrooms are not just about the feature, the bathrooms are also a retreat. Give your bathroom a spa-like ambience where you can relax and wash the stresses of the day.
8. Incorporate small or large luxuries: think about what other functions transform your bathroom into your dream sanctuary. Perhaps you would like a bathtub with massaging jets, a hammam, a heated floor?

9. Echo Your favorite style: Being imaginative is good to think outside the box. Decorate a part of your wall in a single pattern, or how about aluminum or glass tiles?

10. Combine soft and hard materials and textures: use tiny amounts of fabric to decrease the usual hardness of most bathroom materials. Use shower curtains, towels, window treatment, anything that will "soften" the space.

11. Plan your bathroom lighting? The most important area for bathroom lighting is the mirror. The wall-mount lights on each side around the eye-level with a third light above the mirror. Candlestick Lighting with a dimmer is great for putting the mood for long late night baths.

12. Pimp Your Bathtub: A bathtub will take up space; Thus becoming a natural focal point in a bathroom. Self-contained bathtubs make a bathroom look like chick and sophisticated. Thus the styles of claw and ball legs, those with a pedestal base, straight as a sculpture or streamlined. If you are really daring, try for an off-color like hot red or Chartreuse.

13. Create a spa shower: Luxurious showers can duplicate a spa like experience in a dream bathroom. Just make sure to install a number of spray heads.

14. Do your thing with the wardrobe: bathroom cabinet is two times. It combines the form and function and resonates your individual style, whether Vintage, modern, traditional or Art Deco.

15. Choose flooring: Bathroom floors should endure, be water resistant, be anti-slip resistant and always look appealing. Of course, the most beautiful are glittering tiles of ceramic and stone. If you go with a polished stone, make sure to choose a sharp floor finish to increase traction.

16. over-the-Top: Do you want to become really chic? How about a gas-Insert fireplace, a sound system or a beverage center?

17. Create ambiance with color: The color has the power to brighten up and soothe, to make you relax or wake up. Go ahead!

18. Green with envy: While transforming your bathroom, consider changing to a more environmentally friendly design. Low-volume toilets, tank water heaters and effective new faucets are a good start.

19. Mirror, Mirror on the wall: if you want your bathroom to look bigger, add some stylish mirrors. Mirrors reflect the light and reflect it back, your room will appear brighter.

20. Chandelier: If you have an eccentric streak, why not hang a chandelier in your dream bathroom? Chandelier are the embodiment of the drama and the exception.

source : http://decoholic.org/2014/12/15/26-awesome-bathroom-ideas/