DIY Coffee Table – Rustic X


DIY Rustic X Coffee Table - Build your own coffee table in an afternoon!

The only tricky part to this version of the DIY coffee table was adjusting the base shelf to fit my larger dimensions – for my table I used two 1 x 12″ boards cut to 49″ long, but then I had a 2.5″ gap between the boards. We shaved down the extra 1 x 12″ boards we had in the garage to give me the strip I needed to fill the gap, and then inserted it in the centre of the shelf with biscuit joints.

I’m wondering if a better, and cheaper, alternative would be to buy 1 x 8″ boards (which are really about 7.5″ wide and then rip each of them down by 1 1/2″ for a nice uniform look?

One other little “glitch” to be aware of is that your angles on a larger table won’t be the same as Ana’s plans. To compensate for this I laid my 2×2 boards across the gap I wanted to fill (the X section) and then drew a line on either end of the boards. Not technical or mathematically specific – but they did fit perfectly, so I’m going to go with it. Cut your long board first and glue and screw it into place, then lay the two sections of 2×2 over the balance of the x and draw your lines/angles.

Truth be told, my mitre saw doesn’t have a 60 degree angle marked on it, so it was going to be a “cut and pray” situation either way. lol

DIY Rustic X Coffee Table 2

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