The Country Home


Located 5 hectares of land surrounded by the English countryside, the design of the refurbishment and refurbishment of this contemporary British country house has been strongly influenced by its natural environment.

The function elements of the hand crafted handrail in the entrance vestibule to laser-cut metal and glass panels for kitchen doors and spray-painted device fireplaces were all inspired by natural elements such as wood grain patterns and garden leaves. The idea was to create special elements in each room to give a distinct character and yet have a sense of continuity throughout the house.

Just as common spaces have a cohesive character, the private bedroom and the study each have a unique identity. The study was conceived as a flexible system of box shelves. The modularity and flexibility of the shelving system as well as the brushed bronzed wire finishes move away from a stereotypical image of a study.

The uniqueness of the projects is reinforced by a range of accessories designed to measure the light of the "rhythm" on the dining table of stone elements specially designed in the kitchen and bathrooms. With the light of pace and study I M Lab have built on their belief that modularity and flexibility can empower the client to make changes to their environment, helping to make property not only a home, but a home.

Design team:
Alessandro Isola, Supriya Mankad

Project partners:
Main Contractor: Scott Osborn ltd

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